Meet Becca


Meet Becca

Hey there! I’m Becca, the gal behind the camera.

Seattle based wedding photographer, Rebecca Ellison.

Glad you’ve come across my little spot on the internet, welcome.

I'm a girl who believes in the legacy of a photograph. 

It's permanent visual proof that you were here and you had a story to be told.

Every day moments are just as special to me as the epic life changing ones like what happen on a wedding day.

For me, wedding images aren't just about a pretty picture, and more about the memories that flood you when looking at that said picture. I love working with two people in love, helping carve out time on a fast paced day to sway in each others arms, breath in the smell of the one you love, laugh at the silliness of the moment and revel in it all. I am not just a photographer there to snap some photos, I am a friend there to help you laugh, to give advice, to let you snuggle, to coral your family, to jump in the middle of the dance floor with you while also being able to blend into the background letting moments happen and love be shown.

I know that being photographed can be an awkward thing. It's something that some love, but in my experience, many dread. My goal when I capture you, know matter what part of your life I'm capturing is to make sure you feel comfortable, and can forget about anything but the fun and love you feel around you. It should never be about me and the camera, it should always be about you and what you are experiencing.

When I am not photographing weddings, I get the honor to spend time on the next big thing in people's lives, and that is capturing you as your family grows. It's my favorite to walk into a house and get a feel of this families life by the images on their walls, and it's even funner to see when they are images that I have created for them.

If that resonates with you, then I think we should chat.


Things I like....

  •  Oreos… and I like to share. If we become friends, I’ll share with you

  • laughing with my kids and my husband Pete

  • laughing at myself (I say a lot of stupid things sometimes, so I have always just had to know how to laugh at myself) 
  • staying up late
  • spending time with my family. Our yearly camping trip is one of my favorites
  • camping and traveling
  • coffee until it's late enough that I won't be judged for opening a beer... then beer
  • Manny's beer. hmmmmmm
  • unmatched socks. always a conversation starter
  • Dave Matthews Band 
  • winning at card games
  • solitary trees
  • watching people
  • getting clients that turn into friends. There is nothing quite so awesome as that.
  • knock knock jokes

Things I don't like:

  • matching socks
  • being conscious before 7am
  • when my kids whine for no reason
  • people doing things because they feel they have to, not because it makes them happy
  • bodyshaming 
  • being out of Oreos
  • being too serious
  • headbutting

And here's a little behind the scenes slideshow for your viewing pleasure....