Meet Becca


Meet Becca

Hey there! I’m Becca, an Oreo eating, warm weather loving, laid back gal who loves a good story and to capture the whirlwind moments in life.

Storytelling is my jam. Whether it's your wedding day, the day you brought your baby home, or you are a service based biz who wants to convey your value, it comes down to your story and how it's told.

I get to witness moments that literally change your life while creating a legacy of memories to look back on forever. That's pretty cool right?

On any given day, you’ll find me looking for any bit of sunshine to soak up some vitamin D, spending time with my ridiculous children who make me laugh and cringe on a daily basis, or hanging out in my office, editing images and creating heirlooms with a heater at my feet and a business podcast on the radio.

When I have that rare summer weekend off, we head up to our camp lot, turn off technology and sit by the fire to tune out for the weekend. We spend our time playing cribbage, swimming, exploring, drinking beer and making our own memories.

I’m mostly known for saying the wrong word and then laughing at myself, sharing my addiction to Oreos, helping clients find their confidence in front of the camera and capturing those epic whirlwind moments in life.

I've been described  as : 
lively, thoughtful, charismatic, direct, family oriented, goals driven and a #girlboss

Things I like....

  • Oreos… it's okay, I'll share
  • Laughing at myself (I say a lot of stupid things sometimes, so I have always just had to know how to laugh at myself). Don't believe me? Well check out my blog of accidental humor here!
  • former late night gal turned early morning lover
  • The smell of campfire mixed with the sound of laughter.
  • coffee and beer. Not together, but definitely in that order.
  • Speaking of beer, if a bar has Manny's, that's what I'll be drinking
  • Unmatched socks. Always a conversation starter
  • Dave Matthews Band 
  • Winning at card games
  • Solitary trees
  • Reading either fantasy novels with witches and warlocks or business books.
  • Psychology of why people do what they do.

Things I don't like:

  • Matching socks (booooring)
  • People doing things because they feel they have to, not because they want to (hello silly wedding traditions!)
  • Dieting
  • Being out of Oreos
  • Being too serious
  • Headbutting
  • Heartburn