Wedding photo albums are a tried and true way of showing and remembering your wedding.

While digital images come with your photography package, the images and memories of your wedding day shouldn't live on a hard drive or in a drawer to be forgotten and one day obsolete.

The USBs of today will end up being like the 8 track players of the past, and if nothing is printed of your wedding images in that time, you run the risk of losing all your beautiful images. The best way to ensure your wedding images are appreciated and the memories stay fresh is having me create and heirloom wedding photo album fully telling the story of your wedding day.

I create timeless custom wedding photo albums that tell the complete story of your wedding day, from dress to dance floor, and all images in the album are enhanced to be the best representation of the day as possible.

Clients trust me to choose the design and the best images to tell the story of your wedding day. Not only does this take the stress off of you to choose your absolute favorite images; it also ensures you will get your album much sooner than if you were needing to make the decision. You've hired a professional to capture the story of your day, now let me use our knowledge and storytelling capabilities to help you relive your day every time you see your album.

Wedding photo albums range in price depending on size, style and amount of pages it takes to tell the entire story. My Legacy Albums start at $1000 and average $3000 depending on the choices you make with customizations like linen or leather cover and multiple color options, cover image cameo as well as name and date imprinting. Inside, all albums are custom designed with lay flat flush mount pages where you can see the entire design (no middle gap) as well as choice of thin or thick pages and luster or matte printing.

Legacy albums provide just that, the legacy of the beginning of your lives together.

Our Legacy albums begin at $1000 and average $2000. 100% customized to you.