Your wedding album is an heirloom to remind you of where your lives together began!

Imagine in 10 years, you pull out an old hard drive that's been sitting in the back corner of your closet untouched hoping you've found them...

You wipe the layer of dust off, bring it over to your computer and pray that this is where the images are. You plug it in, waiting for the drive's icon to pop up on your screen, but nothing happens. You feel a cold shiver of sadness as the drive is dead, and now your wedding photos are gone forever.

Life got busy after your wedding, and the plan to make an album and order prints, just kept getting moved to the bottom of the todo list. I'll do it this winter, just got moved to "next winter" each year and all of a sudden you are at your 10 year anniversary and don't have the photos you loved so much to look back on.

Don't let this happen to you, don't let life sweep you away and your memories continue to sit on the bottom of your todo list.

 Let us create your album for you. Create the album that each page tells it's own story of the whirlwind day you love so much so that your memories don't fade.

In 10 years time, instead of searching for an old dusty hard drive hoping the images are there, you will go to your bookshelf and pick up the album that holds your wedding day story for you to leaf through smiling along with the memories and enjoying how amazingly happy you were.

You can pick it up and show your kids when they ask if you and daddy were always married.

You can pick it up on the hard days, right after a fight, to remind you of the happiness and the "better or worse" vows you spoke to each other.

S0, while digital images come with your photography package, the images and memories of your wedding day shouldn't live on a hard drive gathering dust to be obsolete.

The best way to ensure your wedding images are appreciated and the memories stay fresh is having  an heirloom wedding photo album fully telling the story of your wedding day.

I create timeless custom wedding photo albums that tell the complete story of your wedding day, from dress to dance floor, and all images in the album are enhanced to be the best representation of the day as possible.

Legacy albums begin at $1000 and average $2000.
100% customized to your wedding