I can't believe it's been one year since I photographed little Keza at 5 days old!!!

But, time seems to get faster and faster each year, and when Katie called me about photographing Keza's one year session, I was super excited to see how this little one grew!

Check out how adorable she was when she was a newborn here!

Katie really wanted to involve her mom in the shoot to do a "generations" type of theme. I loved the idea and was happy to invite grandma to come along!

Little Keza is an adorable girl with quite the personality already shining through. She was skeptical of me at first, like kids always are, but after a while her curiosity of me and my big black camera won out over her shyness. As you can see in the picture below, she wanted to touch my camera, and to get an inquisitive look like that I figured I could handle a little finger print on my lens. Thank goodness for macro lenses because she was CLOSE!

child photography

This girl is adorable now, but will be a knockout  I am sure when she gets older. Check out the eyelashes any lady would be jealous of!child photography

To add to  her curiosity, she was all about the water once she realized how close to it we were. I LOVE the shot of her shocked face when she put her feet into the  water for the first time. It took Katie holding her back to not have her happily jump full on into the water! child photographychild photographychild photographychild photography

I love the generations idea Katie had of bringing her mom. Especially because when Katie is working, she hangs out with grandma a lot! Grandma is an important person and I am very happy we got to include her!

child photography

Thanks again Katie, Keza and grandma! I can't wait to see little Keza next time!