2010 is over in t-minus 14 days! Hopefully you are done with your holiday shopping (I'm not!), your holiday cards are stamped and in the mail (mine will be new years cards at this point), and you have a fun winter drink in your hands while getting some inspiration (my fave is Starbucks Eggnog Chai Latte!! The best part of being pregnant so far is being able to have one of those each day and not caring about what it's doing to my waist line WOOT!). So, in celebration of another year *poof* up in smoke and a *hopefully for our country* a bigger, better and brighter year on the horizon, I've gone through some of my weddings from 2010 and grabbed some of my favorite shots. Shots that make you stop and realize how happy these people are in this moment together. This is the first holiday season all my couples are spending as husband and wife. The first time they are waking up on January 1st with something other than a hangover... someone to be with till the end of days. It's pretty awesome.

And a fun little game that I like to play with my husband for all you newlyweds out there (and it works for couples not yet married as well) is to make sure I am the first one to say "I love you" in the new year. Then I have bragging rights for the whole year for saying I love you first *hehehe* Pete doesn't ever remember this game until I have said I love him, so I always get to win *hehehe*.

Today's highlights are all portraits, tomorrows will be details and Monday will be candid shots. A little something for you engaged to get inspired by, and for those newly married to remember fondly :)

Happy Holidays!

bride and groom looking at each other while relaxing at a Seattle, Jardin Del Sol wedding

a seattle bride and groom embrace after their first site

an intimate kiss in the rain at a Gasworks park Seattle wedding

bridesmaids pose under bella umbrellas at a rainy seattle outdoor weddingSeattle wedding party pose in a lineupa relaxed portrait of bridesmaids at a farm wedding in Arlington, Washingtona bride and groom hug on Alki beach with seattle skyline in the backgroundan intimate moment of a bride and groom at their first site at MonteVilla Farmhouse in Bothell, WAportrait montage of entire Seattle based wedding party.Relaxed portraits of wedding party at Delille Cellars in Woodinville, WAkids playing with favors at a Seattle weddinga bride looks over her grooms shoulder at a farm wedding in Arlington , WA.Bridesmaids relax before the ceremony at the Hall at Fauntelroy in West SeattleBride and groom get away from the rain at Gasworks Park wedding in seattlea groom kisses his brides shoulder at a North Bend, WA weddinggroomsmen relax at Jardin Del Sol wedding in Seattlebride and groom pose on a dock at Alki with Seattle skyline in backgroundintimate moment with a seattle bride and groomGroomsmen hang out in University District in Seattlemontage of wedding first site at Montevilla Farmhouse in Bothell, WAbride and groom playing around in University District before wedding ceremonya bride and her friends play for the cameragroomsmen laughing at farm wedding in Arlington WAb&W bridal portraits as Gas Works and Lincoln Park in West SeattleAn intimate moment with chapagne for a seattle bride and groom