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So your engagement session is booked and you are ready to hop in front of the camera... well almost.

What in the world are you going to wear during your session? How do you not only make your outfit look good for the camera, but make sure you and your fiance look good together (without that matchy matchy 1992 look and all.)


5 tips on what to wear for your engagement session

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Pick outfits that will give you a nice silhouette. Anything that is bulky or flowy generally ends up making you look larger ….and who wants that? For the guys, shirts that fit but don’t restrict, and girls a comfortable but well fitted outfits is best. For example a pencil skirt and cute blouse would make you look amazing! If it’s going to be cold, don’t grab you big down filled puffy jacket even if it is the warmest unless you want to not be allowed to wear the jacket through the entire session. Pick a cute trench coat or something more form fitting so you can wear it during the session without adding weight!


Be Careful with Patterns

Be careful of picking outfits that have loud patterns on them. The louder your outfit is in the image, the more it will distract from what is important... you! Overwhelming patterns can also make you look larger than you are which is a no no too! Solid color shirts are great especially if they compliment your eyes as your shirt will help bring attention to your face, where all the important action is happening!






 What to wear for your engagement session to look great in front of the camera.


Ladies: even if you are a t-shirt and jeans type of girl, wear shoes with some lift. The reason why heels are still accepted in our society and not labeled as torture devices is that they make your legs and butt look AMAZING! Any amount of lift makes a difference, and makes you feel a bit fancier too! Boys: No, your work shoes will not fly. Yes, we will notice, and so will everyone who sees your photos. Wear a nice pair that doesn’t look like you’ve had them since high school!






It can be a lot of fun to integrate accessories into your photos. A fun scarf, great necklace or cute headband will make you look that much more put together and your pictures will look amazing. That being said, if you would be more self-conscious wearing accessories because you NEVER wear them, pass this suggestion up. Anything that you will be conscious of and be thinking about during your session because it isn’t you, isn’t worth it and will show in your expression.


Multiple outfits

Sometimes you dress up, but most the time like to be casual? Bring both options and change half way through the shoot. It will add dimension to your shoot and give you even more shots that you love. Oh, and do you and your guy fanatically follow some sports team? Bring your jerseys out and show your pride!