Installment 2 of "Words Done Becca Style" brings us the story of Awk and Shaw.

A couple years ago, I was showcasing my business at a local caterer's open house. I do this pretty often as it's a great way to network and meet brides and grooms, and for this particular open house, they had me bring and set up my photo booth setup.

Because who doesn't love a good photo booth set up right? 

During the night, some of my industry friends and I hopped into the photo booth to take silly photos of ourselves (because obviously, we can't be professional all the time!).

My friend Kelli B had the idea of doing different faces for a handful of photos, so we shouted out what we were going to portray and then took the photo.





Awk and Shaw!


um, what? 

In common Becca fashion, I had no idea what I just said was jibberish, and Kelli is just looking at me like huh?

She was obviously wondering if I just got drunk in the last 4 seconds after our silly photo.

I looked at her confused like " you know? Awk and shaw? Awk and shaw! What's weird about that?"

Took me a couple more seconds to realize I Becca'd out again and what I meant was actually


Shock and Awe!

Obviously right?

But now, Awk and shaw is my favorite photobooth emotion  :P