Alison and Russ are such genuine people. We met back in the fall when they were looking for a wedding photographer and  I could tell right when we met, that we would get along great and that their wedding was going to be amazing... if for nothing other than their great demeanor and energy. I love genuine people and I love when you can tell that people are so in tune with each other. I love when I meet couples and I can tell right away why they are getting married. It just makes sense, and these guys were one of those couples.So, to say the least, I was excited for their engagement session this weekend!! Both are graduates of UW and so it was a perfect spot to run around and take pictures. Also, who can say no to the cherry blossoms in the Quad right?  We were actually laughing about the amount of professional photographers were out and about in the Quad on Saturday. That's what you get when the quad looks this way for a whole two weeks a year...

Anyway, we ran around and found cool shapes to play with and they were up for all my crazy antics and playful ideas. I love couples that are willing to play!!!

Please enjoy and leave a comment!

Thanks Alison and Russ for braving through the wind and a little rain! I can't wait till August!!

And once again, thanks to the lovely Jen MacNiven for your help!