Last week Anna and Bradley met me over in one of their favorite parks, Discovery. They are a very outdoorsy couple, which is something that is so ingrained in them that they are having their wedding at a park in Whidbey and then having them and their guests (those that are willing at least) bicycle to the reception venue a couple miles down the path! What a great idea!!!!! I am super excited for their big day in September! These two are such a cool couple. Since they love nature, and have spent a large amount of their time together in nature, we decided to go shoot in nature too. They bonded early in their relationship by going out and flying kites, so we brought the kite along for some fun shots... Silly me, I was thinking small kites (because that is all I've ever used), but when they showed up, they had this huge, beautiful kite that is actually a training kite for wind surfers! (You know, the crazy guys in the water off Alki with boards attached to their feet and and kite in the hands!) It was impressive seeing this kite get up and how much fun they had just hanging out and flying the kite and they didn't mind me asking them to trump through bushes and climb trees to get a couple cool shots.

Anna and Bradley are one of those amazing couples that seem to shine when they are near eachother. They are super tuned into each other and their families which I respect deeply. They are both from fairly large families have a strong family connection which they plan to highlight at their wedding. Kites, bikes and families! What more could you ask for?


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