Last week I went back to meet Julie and her family again to welcome little baby Erah! You might remember the bump pictures we did in March,  and I was excited to see the families new addition. Julie, Chris and Ashe graciously welcomed me again to their house to document a couple of hours in little baby Erah's life.

While Julie was feeding little Erah, Chris and Ashe were laughing and entertaining themselves as boys do. I love when Chris got the balloons stuck to Ashe's head with static. The looks that Ashe gave were priceless!

And, as Julie and Chris thought, Ashe is an amazing big brother. He was all about giving Erah kisses and keeping watch over her when she was fussy.

Chris is a cool dad. He is willing to play and hang out with Ashe and do boy things, and seeing the tenderness that he held his newborn daughter is so awesome!