Back in July I offered to donate an hour of my services and a $100 print credit to Loyal Heights  School Auction.  I like donating to auctions for schools and charity events because it is awesome to be able to help out in some way!  So, the auction was in July and Amy and Michael were there and expecting their first child. When they saw my auction item, they new that they would love to have photos... and not the JC Pennys variety when their little girl was born. So they bid... and they won! And this past weekend I was able to finally meet them and little Gracie. Gracie is an adorable little girl. She is four months old and very interested in everything around her. She has this adorable little one sided smirk that she gives and made my heart melt. Just wait till she is a bit older, she will have her parents wrapped around her finger quite tightly... and I doubt they will mind!


I love the size difference between Michael's hands and Gracie's.re_091114_90581re_091114_9062re_091114_9049

These guys were a bit skeptical of me. They sat on the chair and watched over the shoot. Since they are part of the family, it felt right to capture them too!re_091114_9072re_091114_9074re_091114_9082re_091114_9092

I love the look on Amy's face in this one (above)re_091114_9113re_091114_9124re_091114_9130re_091114_9141re_091114_9174re_091114_9180re_091114_9203re_091114_9217

I love the color they painted Gracie's room. Very soft but still fun!re_091114_9269re_091114_9290re_091114_9316re_091114_9345