Nathan is the adorable little man of some of my past wedding clients. They came into the studio for baby photos, in the glow of new parentdom. New parentdom of a 3 month old who has started to figure out a sleep schedule at least! That is when I feel you get your glow back as a parent. When you are getting a bit more sleep, your baby is smiling and cooing and you've figured out some semblance of a schedule.

After the first 10 or so days of a babies, life, I think 3 months is the perfect time to get baby photos captured as your baby is more interactive and a little bit more in control of what they are doing. They can look at you with purpose, smile and laugh and help create beautiful baby photos!

Meet Nathan. He was 3 months old when we had this session, and already a lady killer. I can only imagine him as he grows! Thanks Emma and Owen for sharing him for an hour :)

black and white baby photo of boys face while he looks at the camerababy photo of 3 month old boy laying on his belly, head resting on his arm and looking at the camera with a small smile3 month baby photos of boy smiling and laughing at the cameradetail of 3 month babies hand with baby out of foucs behindblack and white baby photo of boy's profile with a smile on his lips

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