Earlier this week I met up with a very lovely and very pregnant Eleanor to capture some belly photos in her last week of pregnancy. Eleanor was such a trooper in her 39th week, letting me come into her house and partially rearrange to get some great shots. Eleanor is one of those lucky woman that look amazing even when she must be past the comfortable stage in her pregnancy. It was great watching her and her hubby Derek interact and talk about little baby Robinson as they call it... They are waiting till baby Robinson shows up before finding out its sex. It amazes me that people can wait that long in suspense! But luckily, their wait is just about up!

I love how they decorated the nursery. All in yellows and greens and all the furniture is previously owned. They did such a great job finding used furniture that matches and flows so well together. That is the way to do it in my book! I love the chest that Eleanor is sitting on in these photos too. She said that the chest came from her childhood, so she's getting to pass it on to her baby now. I love it!


[nggallery id=2]

Derek has a vintage VW bus that we just had to get photos in. You can tell the love he has for this bus by seeing how great of shape it is in. My hubby, Pete, and I are major VW people also, so I loved the bus. Its not very often you see one loved so much... and with cammo curtains to match the bus too. Awesome!

The photo of them in the vanmakes me laugh too because I was leaning in through the back  of the bus, but I had to hold my camera upside down to get the photo as the pocket wizard (a device that wirelessly triggers my flash and sits on the hotshoe of my camera) wouldn't let me get the angle that I needed for the shot. So while trying to stay engaged with them and work my camera upside down and manually focus it, I still got some fun shots :)

What an awesome family! And I can't wait to see baby Robinson when he/she decides to arrive!