karine The  other weekend, Karine and I hit the streets of Captial Hill to take some photos. We roamed around the backstreets by Broadway laughing and goofing off while taking some awesome photos. She is a natural in front of the camera! I love shooting on Capital Hill because the architecture there is so amazing, and no one cares what you do, or why you are sitting on their front step! Its a photographers dream!re_090425_2247re_090425_2272re_090425_2276

We call this the "drive by" photograph. Me: "quick sit down at that table and let me take a couple shots before they come and yell at us..."  Works every time!


Man this girl has eyelashes that never end! Its so beautiful!re_090425_2351re_090425_2381re_090425_2408re_090425_2437re_090425_2449re_090425_2495

Thanks for running around with me Karine! I had a blast with you :P

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