This weekend when Seattle decided to give us one beautiful day of spring,  Sarah and I (and my awesome friend Kailen playing the assistant role) rushed out of doors to participate in the beautiful sunshine! Sarah had been wanting some updated photos of herself as 2009 has brought some major changes in her life and her old photos didn't quite work for her anymore. We found our way to Gasworks Park which is one of my favorite spots to photograph people in Seattle.  You could tell that we weren't the only ones excited for a day of sunshine and warmth (well, a Seattlites version of warmth at least... I think it was in the 50s) as Gasworks was crawling with people. I always feel bad when I have to ask people to move out of the way of the photo I am taking, but I love how Seattlites are always more than willing to move! Luckily, even with the amount of people were around, I only had to ask one couple to move for a short bit (and thank you ! Whoever you were!!!)


Look how beautiful this girl is! I love the contrast between her pale skin and red shirt!

re_090329_0280re_090329_0291re_090329_0302re_090329_0332This shot Kailen and Sarah were laughing at me , cuz I was hanging over the banaster trying for the "perfect" angle. Sometimes I put myself in the most precarious positions trying to get a cool shot. There were quite a few near misses with me laying on duck poop too! Yikes!!

re_090329_0350I love this shot of Sarah. A completely unguarded moment.


This is the shot I had to ask the couple to move from... They were on the bench to the left and I just couldn't stand half of someones head in the corner of the shot!

re_090329_0443re_090329_0471re_090329_0486I love this sculpture.

re_090329_0506So, we left Gasworks with the idea of shooting in another location over by Columbia City, but silly me, I forgot that you can't eaisly access Beacon Hill from 99, so I went past the West Seattle Bridge to turn around in Georgetown area. We got a bit turned around and went down some random street and found this awesome multicolored wall on a side street. I fell in love with the wall and scrapped the Columbia City idea for taking pictures here.

I've bookmarked it in my iPhone too so now I know exactly how to get back here in the future! I love industrial looking backgrounds.