This past weekend Michelle and I went out and about through the allyways of Eastlake to take pictures. I find my eye always drawn to the beauty of urban decay. I know, it sounds weird, but I love the look of a slightly forgotten place and then to put in a beautiful person as the subject to that background... I love the contrast! Michelle was down with this idea for her headshots. I gotta give this girl credit, because she had been in a car accident the night before that totalled her car, but she didn't want to reschedule her shoot. She was determined to do something that would make her remember the weekend and smile instead of cringe in remembering about her car. So, sore and everything, she brought her heels and her smile and we ran around Eastlake and then headed down to the Columbia City Library to finish our session.


re_090404_0642re_090404_0629re_090404_0660re_090404_0676re_090404_0686re_090404_0705re_090404_0727 I love this shot. We stopped for lunch (and had some amazing calzones!), but  I don't remember what the name of the restaurant was... and she just started playing with her necklace. She indulged me while I was like OOOOHHHHHH hold that!!  re_090404_0733re_090404_0756re_090404_0771re_090404_0802re_090404_0822Thanks Michelle, you were such a doll to photograph!

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