We have some big news here at the Ellison household. We are growing from a family of 3 to a family of 4.

We wanted to make a fun experience of the reveal of the babies sex, so we had our ultrasound yesterday, and had the ultrasound tech put the sex of the baby into an envelope. I rushed said envelope to my good friend Barbie's house. Barbie is an amazing photographer as well, and we had gotten this fun idea when we were driving back from a wedding in Idaho a couple months back to reveal the babies sex via colored balloons out of a big box. So, since we both thought it was a fun idea, she was game to be the first person to find out and fill our box with either blue or pink balloons.

She found out 24 hours before our little reveal shoot, and I think it was just as hard for her to keep the secret for that entire time. I know I was dying not knowing! She came over this morning with this amazing box and we had a little fun.

Check out the photos to see if we are having a boy or girl, and what our two year old Lincoln thinks of it!

All photos copyright  Barbie Hull Photography (thanks lady!!!!!!)

Curious as to what this means if you want to book me? Just scroll on to the bottom of the post for all the details :)

It's a GIRL!!!!!!! and Linc is happy about it it seems ;)

As for all you fabulous clients who might be wondering how this affects Rebecca Ellison Photography, don't you worry! My due date is January 8th, 2014 which is smack in the middle of my slow season.

I will be taking  time off from December 15th to mid February 2014.

I will be shooting my regular amount of fall portraits through the end of November... are you in need of fall portraits?  I'm booking for October and November right now! Contact me here

I will be taking on my regular load of weddings in 2014, and will be back to work by mid February! If you are looking to book your 2014 wedding, I'd love to have you into the studio to chat about your big day, just contact me to come in!

and this photo is here just because it's entertaining.... and very much the reality of having a two year old boy. Gross gross gross.

It will be a different experience having a baby girl. I would imagine a baby girl will not think that licking is nearly as fun as Linc thinks licking is lol. Gross gross gross.