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2016. What a year.  I personally found that 2016 was a great year even with all the political mumbo jumbo surrounding it. It was a year of new.

In 2015 I had decided to make it my year of "yes." Meaning that I would take on any marketing and networking opportunities that came up as I wanted to deepen my relationships in the wedding industry.

2015 ended up being one of my most successful years, and so I followed suit and really honed in on the type of clients I want to work with for 2016, and it ended up being even better than 2015!

I wanted to make sure that I really took care of each of my clients, and that I was really the perfect fit for them as they were for me and I feel like this made my 2016 an even more spectacular year, and I feel like I was successful in that!

I've found that the clients that really click with me love themselves for who they are, and don't really get all caught up in the overly manicured and Pinterest perfect wedding details, but care deeply about the connection of the people who are there with them. Most tell me that they are not very comfortable in front of the camera but photos are also very important to them.  I love getting to know each person, learning their quirks and finding out what they love. Creating a relationship so that they don't even have to think about me or my camera when they are being photographed, but they can focus on each other, and that I will capture them in a way they will love. I love the goofiness and just simple sweetness of all my clients, and have been honored to capture a day that is a major milestone in their lives.

Here are my favorite images from this year. The moments that move me, and the moments that help weave the story of the love of two people who've decided to take the world on together.


I hope you enjoyed :) If you want to chat about your upcoming wedding, click on the contact button and send me a note!


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