I photographed Callan this past weekend here in Seattle. Callan goes to Bainbridge High school, so he hopped on a ferry to come and roam around Seattle center with me. We walked around and I photographed him while we both laughed at me attempting to deny that the new Boda bag (for my photo gear)  I was carrying around looked like an over sized fanny pack... I can't seem to where anything around my waist without mentally placing myself in the 1980s. That's okay though, because this bag is awesome (and can be worn off my shoulder too which is much less aging). Anyway, Callan and I had a great time at the Seattle Center and Pioneer Square taking photos. Callan is an awesome guy, and is in a musical at his school right now, so if you live in Bainbridge, go check it out!


Thanks Callan for comin out!