Justine and Peter are getting married in October at their fave neighborhood restaurant, Serephina,  on Capitol Hill. Capitol Hill is their stomping ground, so it was perfect to romp around Cal Anderson Park for their engagement photos earlier this summer. Cal Anderson is a busy busy park when it's a beautiful day out, seeing that it is just off of Broadway, and beautiful, but we were able to move around the crowds and find some fun spots to photograph at. Justine and Peter were a bit nervous before our shoot, as they both don't really like the camera, but I think they did a fabulous job. I love helping people relax and let their goofy side come out. It's not about the perfect pose or portrait to me, it's capturing the love of the couple and their spirit, and I got just that with these two goofballs.

And we even found time at the awesome BOOM wall (my favorite!) . Who doesn't have some fun when you are sitting in front of a huge boom wall ?  No one. It's not possible!


What's better than a super fun couple and running around a super fun neighborhood? When we happen across a big ballroom and they let us in before their ballroom class begins to get some pics. That is the middle black and white above .What perfect timing and awesome spot!!

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