I love unique style and Lacey and Octavian have just that. Their chess inspired wedding on the outskirts of Portland was laid back, unique, filled with personal touches, and full of love, laughter and dancing. L + O are one of the funnest couples I know, and I knew right away that their wedding was going to be amazing. I've known them for a couple years, and they always are laid back, all about the people they have in their lives, and  love good food and beer. And boy did their wedding deliver on being spot on to who they are as a couple.

They had a clever and still subtle theme inspired by chess. Chess pieces in her bouquet, in the boutonnieres, on the invitation and in the flowers on their center pieces. L + O met way back in high school down in Portland, became friends, then something more. When Lacey moved up to Seattle to become a nurse, Octavian knew that his heart was in Seattle as well. They moved up to Seattle, but followed their roots back home to share their day with family and become husband and wife.

Their vows were filled with funny anecdotes of Lacey's medical knowledge and Octavian's lack there of. And, to acknowledge the beginning of their lives as husband and wife, they planted a tree together during their ceremony which would be replanted in the backyard of the home they own in Seattle.

Their toasts went down memory lane with Octavian's twin brother talking about losing his best friend to a girl, and being okay with it because Lacey was just so good for him. And Lacey's sister took the mic to essentially say the same.

This is a couple who betters themselves, and the people they are around, and you could see by the love of everyone around them. And who doesn't love the unique aspect of a chess inspired wedding?


chess-inspired-wedding- groom in black and white checkered shirt and bowtie with bride approaching in backgroundchess-inspired-wedding- fushia bouquet with queen chess piece and teal wedge wedding shoeschess-inspired-wedding- groom in checkered shirt and bowtie, bride has high low wedding dress and teal wedge wedding shoeschess-inspired-wedding-004 side braid wedding hair , fushia wedding flowerschess-inspired-wedding-005 fushia wedding flowers, groom in checkered shrit, suspenders and bowtiechess-inspired-wedding-006 groom wearing checkered shirt, purple bowtie and suspenders, bride has side braid wedding hair and birdcage vielchess-inspired-wedding-007 bride details, fushia flowers and fushia feather in birdcage veil, strapless hig low wedding dress and side braid, teal shoeschess-inspired-wedding-008 groom details, satin purple bow tie, black and white checkered shirt, suspendars and chess king in boutineerchess-inspired-wedding-009chess-inspired-wedding-011chess-inspired-wedding-013chess-inspired-wedding-014 groomsmen white shirt, suspenders and purple and white striped bowtiechess-inspired-wedding-016 king chess piece in grooms boutineerchess-inspired-wedding-015 groomsmen gift pocket watches chess-inspired-wedding-018 hornings hideout oregon wedding ceremony in woods chess-inspired-wedding-021 wedding ceremony in woods at hornings hideout in oregonchess-inspired-wedding-022

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