A couple of weeks back Timerie won a contest I offered to the readers of SeattleMomBlogs.com This blog is so cool because it gives Seattle moms out there that like to read the blogs of other moms in the area, but might not necessarily have the time to go and look at everyone individual blogs a place to go ( I mean what mom has extra time on their hands right?). It is run by a couple of the bloggers themselves to bring together all this great "mom info". I ran across the blog and decided I really wanted to collaborate with them, so I offered 2 giveaways to their readers for the holiday, and Timerie was the grand prize winner!

Timerie must have magical comments because she was also the winner of Seattlemomblogs.com giveaway to go to Westport earlier this summer! Maybe she has the inner workings of randomizer.org, or she is just magic! Either way, by winning, she was given a Family Day Package which includes a couple hour shoot of the family doing something together and an album to showcase their time together. Timerie and her hubby Jeff decided they really just wanted pictures of their three adorable children, and their 6 week puppy Cona.

So we met in Mill Creek at a local park and hung out and played with the kids. I love being able to capture kids in their element having a great time, and Christian, Cade, and Celea love playing sports and being outside. This is the type of family that I look forward to having one day. They all really have fun together, and you can totally tell!

Even the puppy Cona loved the sports idea! She was determined to figure out how to get that basketball!

re_091121_9607Christian, Cade and Calea ran around and played while I captured their youthful excitement.


Something tells me that the picture below is a regular occurrence in their household...re_091121_9639

And this picture of Cona was hard to get, that little puppy is a mover!


I had such a great time playing (in the rain) with these guys. Talk about such spirit in the entire family :) I can't wait to get the rest of the pictures finished!

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