I've been watching this lovely family grow since Sean's big brother was newly born and a tiny 5lbs. This time I came back to capture little Sean and their family now totalling four. Leo was born just a couple months before my Lincoln was and so Sean arrived again just a few short months before my Scarlett did, so it has been so fun to watch the relationship between mom and dad and both kiddos when I was going to be experiencing the same new connections just a little after I photographed this family.  The love Leo has for his little brother, and of course the adoration Paula and Ian have for both their amazing children is evident after spending just moments with them. I can't wait to capture them again and again as their family gets older!renton-newborn-photographer-001renton-newborn-photographer-002renton-newborn-photographer-003renton-newborn-photographer-004renton-newborn-photographer-005renton-newborn-photographer-006renton-newborn-photographer-007renton-newborn-photographer-008renton-newborn-photographer-009renton-newborn-photographer-010