Twice every year, Rob Hampton from Heartwood Guitar Instruction puts on the Coffee Shop Jam for all his students. This is a chance for his guitar students to get out there and perform their new skills for their friends and family. Well, this year, Rob was able to step it up a notch and instead of having the jam at a local coffee shop, he put it on at the Columbia City Theater! This allowed his students, who range from around 4 to around 50 years of age to get the actual feel of performing on stage. It was an awesome day. Rob is an amazing teacher and so supportive of all his students no matter what age or skill level they are at. I was lucky enough to be there and listen and take photos of all the great acts. re_090530_3303re_090530_3306

Here are images of all the participants




re_090530_3348Henry . He played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It was adorable1

re_090530_3360Jack  playing Foo Fighters

re_090530_3369Emma . She played a couple songs, including an original and played both guitar and keyboards!


re_090530_3394Soleil  played the drums


re_090530_3430Connor  played three original songs. This is a kid to watch out for. What a stage presence!

re_090530_3572and then Rob Hampton and Meghan McMackin closed out the morning show.

For the afternoon show, we had even more talent!

re_090530_3453Wesley  got up to stage and played a couple songs. He shocked the audience with his performance of "Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash. He is around 5 years old and did an amazing job. It was awesome!


re_090530_3469Conner loved the stage so much, he was at both shows!



re_090530_3495Brady came up a second time too. He has a great voice, and this day was the first day he had ever sang in front of an audience!

re_090530_3506Linda sang a Sarah McLachlan song with Rob on backup vocals.



re_090530_3536the band Flora Fauna

re_090530_3546The entire Skalbania family played too

re_090530_3577and Meghan McMackin and Rob Hampton closed out the second show too.

This was such an awesome expirience for me. I grew  up in a highly musical family, but sadly don't have any musical capabilities myself ( I still try when I am alone in my car... or when I want to torture my husband though :P ), so I reallly appreciate seeing the amount of talented people out there with someone like Rob to coach them into being the best musicians that they can be. Its awesome, and I understand why he has a five year waiting list for teaching!!!