Kim and Jack are adorable together. They've known each other since right after high school where they met on the job. They hit it off and were good friends for a year before Jack headed off to college in another city. During that year, life moved on until Jack came back at the end of the year and they realized that they were more than just friends. A quick eight days later, they were engaged and three years after that, their wedding is now on the horizon! They are getting married this August at one of my all time favorite garden venues Jardin Del Sol in Snohomish and it's going to be a beautiful affair!

These two love to travel together, they've been all over the globe, from ParisĀ  to Rome, France, Canada and Seattle to have their wedding. They live in Eugene, OR right now, and it is fitting for them to have this "destination" wedding with their love of travel... and fitting for them to travel up for their engagement session as well. Kim has always had fond memories of downtown Seattle and the waterfront from when her parents would bring her there as a child (she grew up in these parts) so we met at the Harbor Steps and let our feet take us where ever the light was prettiest!

Thanks for rambling around downtown with me guys! I can't wait to see you all dolled up and ready to party in August!