I am very excited about the wedding of Noah and Allie in September. This wedding is most special to me, as I have known Noah for exactly the same amount of time that I have known my hubby Pete. And I mean EXACTLY. We met on the same day in Sarah's apartment in West Seattle when I was a tender 17 years old. Noah and Pete have been best friends for years and years, and it was with Noah nearby that Pete and I have grown our relationship for the past 9 years. Noah was a groomsman in our wedding, and I am super stoked they decided to hire me as their photographer, and have Pete the best man.

Noah and Allie have been together for something like 6 years now. They have grown from young adults to fully functional amazing adults in their time together and I am so happy I get to be there to see them step into the next stage of life hand and hand... with my shutter clicking away capturing every moment.

So, when Noah mentioned that they wanted to do their engagement session down at his parent's cabin in Harstine Island, I was stoked. I love love love this cabin! For accuracy sake, I have to mention that we say "cabin"... but in reality this place is nicer than any "real" house I will ever be able to buy...it's amazing!

We have spent many long weekends through the years at this cabin walking along the beach, hanging out in the wood heated hot tub (soooo cool!) and taking advantage of Noah's parents open bar as all early twenty somethings that are broke will do (Thanks Joel and Kim!) This cabin holds many great memories, as it is also where Pete and I spent the night before our wedding (we got married at a marina nearby).

It was fitting too that we ended up back at the cabin the day we did, as it was the day after Pete and my 4 year wedding anniversary... . So exactly four years later we are back to shoot Noah and Allie's engagement photos. It was perfect. Enjoy!

I had a fun idea of them playing "Battle of the Sexes" for part of the shoot, as what you spend a lot of time doing at the cabin is playing games!

And of course, I had to show the boy loosing the game. hehehe

And we finished the shoot of with a group shot of us all. You don't even want to know how precariously my camera was perched...

Thanks for sharing your memories with me guys!