Tara and Matt called me the other week in distress. There was a snaffu with their photographer, and their photographer had to reschedule their engagement shoot because of some complication. Well, Tara and Matt were not sure what to do, as since their lives are as busy as they are, and Matt works like CRAZY, this day was the only day available to them to shoot before their wedding. And taking your engagement photos after you are already married… well, that doesn’t work! They called me up and luckily I had a bit of time available before I headed down to Harstine Island for a different engagement shoot and get away weekend (just wait as that engagement session will be next! ) so we met up at Pike Place for a shoot on a Saturday morning. Upstairs was CRAZY like Pikes Place is on Saturday mornings, so we ran around through the “underworld” of Pike Place Market and then headed to the Sculpture Park for some more fun.

Tara and Matt,  I had a great time running around the city with you and wish you the utmost best for your wedding day! You will shine :)

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