I've known Becca for a long time now. Depending on the company we switch off with the name "the other Becca." I've seen her go through different boyfriends and different stages, and I couldn't be more excited for her that she has found a common soul in Luc. They started out as friends running into each other when in art school at the Art Institute of Seattle, and after many months of beers, football and homework, their friendship blossomed to something way more.

They are two who compliment each other in the best ways and who help bring out each others strengths. That is such an important thing to have in a solid relationship... according to how my brain works at least!!!

We wanted to bring their personalities into their session, and Sundays in the fall are all about cooking in the kitchen and then sitting back and watching football. What better way to show just who they are. After a pancake fatality ( Luc suprised Becca while she was flipping a pancake over) and butter knife wars, they cuddled up on the couch and it was like any other Sunday *perfect*.

I loved their wild pjs....

After pancakes,  we found our way to the Fremont neighborhood for a bit more dressy pictures. It was so much fun just running around town with these two... and having some tasty lunch at their stomping ground of the Nickerson Street Saloon afterwards.

Can't wait to see you walk down that aisle next April!!