Beth and Rusty met far from Seattle. She is a Seattle girl who fell in love with politics and moved to Washington DC to follow her dreams. He is a mid western boy who wanted to pursue a bigger life of music in a bigger city. Two very different paths that converged over a cupcake.

Beth was celebrating a friends birthday at a local pub and wanted to get a cupcake with a candle to celebrate, but the kitchen was closed. Rusty was sitting at the bar reading his book when Beth arrived with her little dilemma, and the two of them and the bartender tried to find a way for her friend to celebrate. A conversation was sprung, and they chatted all night.... fast forward a couple months and Beth found herself in the bookstore the Rusty worked at, he asked her on a date, and the rest is history!

engagement photo session in a downtown seattle bookstoreBeth and Rusty still live in DC, her working on the hill with a local congressman and him putting himself through school, but they have plans to move their lives back to the Seattle area in a couple years and wanted to start their planting of roots with friends and family here. They were in town for a week or so during Christmas, partially relaxing, and partially planning their August wedding.  Vacations don't stay vacations for long when you are planning a wedding from across the country!  This is when we met and hit it off, and we knew now was the time for an engagement session. We roamed through Pioneer Square enjoying a brisk day at the end of 2010.

We even found a bookstore that specializes in first edition books while roaming Pioneer Square. Seeing that Rusty is such a book guy... and loves first editions that much more it was a perfect place to jump in have some fun and warm up.

we ended our shoot at Lola for some lunch as these two a major Tom Douglas fans. They love great food and you can't get much better when you get to choose from 5 different Tom Douglas restaurants within a couple of blocks!

Thanks for running around Seattle with me guys! I can't wait for your August wedding :)



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