I got an email late last week from Tracy. She and Ben are getting married on July 11th... Yes, thats right, a month from tomorrow. They are getting married in a small town in Michigan but they had not yet gotten any engagement photos done and wanted something fun. So of course, I was like "lets schedule something ASAP!" So we met at Pike Place Market and roamed around there for a couple of hours while I captured a bunch of great photos of them. They are such a cute couple! They met at the University of Tennessee a couple years back. They were so into eachother, that even when Ben joined the Army after graduation and got stationed out here at Fort Lewis, they stayed together and did the long distance thing. Ben was shipped off to Iraq and when he came back, Tracy moved on over here to be with him. Long distance relationships are work! And what better place to be than with the one you love right? So here they ended up and here is where they are going to stay... as long as the Army tells them I guess :)

Ben and Tracy were great fun to roam around downtown with. They were so relaxed, I wouldn't think they'd be getting married in a month's time. Just in time for Ben to go for another call of duty 17 days later! Those two know how to work the long distance, and you can see the strength it has brought to their relationship by how they interact with each other.

By the time the shoot was winding down, we decided to jump in at the last 15 minutes one of the bars at Pike Place was open for a quick beer. As they said... sitting back with a beer is exactly what they would do!

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