Caleb and Karine's engagement shoot was extra special for me to photograph for a couple reasons... One, because Caleb is my brother and the other is that I soon get to call Karine my sister. Karine and I were friends and that is how she ended up meeting Caleb when she came to help me move a couple years back. They got to know each other a bit better at Pete's birthday party, and they have pretty much been inseparable since. They are a unique couple. Both extremely intelligent and needing a partner who could match wits with them, but also be able to be completely dorky dorks with each other and talk about complete nonsense. It is like a match made in heaven

It's been such a pleasure living with these two while their relationship has grown. I got to beĀ  in on it when I knew Caleb was about to propose, but I had to keep the secret for almost two months. Do you know how hard it is to keep a secret like that from one of your best friends? Not only to keep the secret but still talk to Karine about the idea of marriage without giving it up that I knew a proposal was about to happen?!? I couldn't be happier for them!These two are not only my family but some of my closest friends and I can't wait for their wedding next year. Imagine that! A wedding I am going to be in instead of photographing. Weird!

We were all down in Tucson last month for a old friends wedding (which I photographed and will have photos up soon!). When we were talking about their engagement photos, and what / where to do them, we naturally gravitated to doing them in Tucson while were there. Caleb and Josh and I grew up there, and spent much of our formative years running and playing on the property where we shot it. It is a place that is dear to our hearts and I was so happy to be able to capture them there ( not to mention the BEAUTIFUL light that we have in Tucson in the fall!)

Congrats you two! I heart you both in all your rediculousness