You love the look of a slightly dilapidated doorway in a back alley down town. Or, maybe it's the hustle and bustle of the shopping district and the iconic views of the Pike Place Market.

You are a couple who thrives in the city and always want the feel of momentum around you.

Does that sound like you? If so, then stick to the city and find great spots to take some urban photos for your engagement session.


Pike Place / Sculpture Park

Pros : You will get iconic shots of a major Seattle spot.  You can easily head into downtown for a slightly different look. Post Alley is rad :)

Cons : Super duper duper duper packed all the time. Other people will be in most to all of your pictures. All the shots you get will have been done before as it is a VERY popular spot

Pioneer Square

Pros : This is old town Seattle, so you get that old and forgotten look easily, lots of cool alleyways and walls covered in vine, super walkable and great little bars, shops and the like that you can stop into and shoot in.

Cons : Pretty popular, parking can suck and bums can be abundant.


Pros: amazing architecture, inside and outside options (great for rainy days), cherry blossoms, did I mention the amazing architecture??!?

Cons: parking can super duper suck. If you go during spring and want to get the cherry blossoms, you can garuntee you will see no less than 15 other people getting their pictures taken there. It is THAT popular, but beautiful so still worth it.


Pros : In city, beautiful view of skyline, large, lots of options

Cons: if it's a nice day, you will have TONS of people to compete with. Can be sketchy at night


Ballard or Fremont or similar

Pros : More neighborhoodywhile giving off the urban feel still. Unique to each neighborhood and less traveled photographically. Lots of little nooks and crannys and unique things like the Ballard locks or Fremont Bridge or the Troll to photograph around.

Cons : I'm sure there are, but I am not coming up with any yet!


Downtown's of nearby cities like Edmonds or Bellevue or Kirkland

Pros : Similar to the neighborhoods, if you go to the outlying cities downtown areas, you can get some awesome backgrounds. Bellevue gives a bit upper scale feel, Edmonds is like a cute little forgotten (while upkept) town , and Kirkland gives a good downtown/waterfront option

Cons : must travel


Or there is always NYC :) I'll travel anywhere :)