A Crisp Fall Serafina Seattle Wedding

Justine and Peter's intimate fall Seattle wedding at Serafina in October was such a perfect day for those who love the colors and feel of Seattle in the fall. The day was clear, the air was crisp and the city was full of colors. Justine and Peter got ready at the downtown Four Seasons and, after getting Justine dressed in her amazing Luly Yang wedding dress and Jimmy Choo sparkly heels, we headed out to the pool deck to bask in the sunlight and meet with her husband to be.

Justine and Peter are the laid back type of couple. They joked during their capital hill engagement photos session that these were the first photos they had together that didn't include a beer in hand. You see, these two love good food and good drinks. Justine works at Purple Wine Bar and knows a thing or two about a good wine, as Peter loves him a good beer. There love of food is one of the reasons they chose Serafina for their fall wedding venue. Nestled in on Eastlake, Serafina is a neighborhood restaurant with amazing ambiance and delicious Italian food. While they have hosted plenty of wedding receptions there, I believe this was the first wedding with ceremony that the restaurant has done.

Their 70ish guests sat in the patio between Serafina and Cicchetti. Since it was a beautiful day, the sun was just going behind the trees, and the light was warm and comforting when Justine walked down the aisle to meet Peter. It was a day full of funny anecdotes, tender moments, falling chestnuts (read down at the bridal party photos for this story), close family, amazing details, delicious food and great wineserafina-fall-seattle-wedding-013


serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-001 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-002 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-003 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-004 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-005 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-006 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-007 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-008 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-009 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-010 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-011 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-012 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-014 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-015 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-016 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-017 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-018 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-020 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-021 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-022 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-023

We were in Volunteer Park for their portraits, and decided to stand here for their bridal party portraits when a chestnut fell on the umbrella of the bridesmaid second from the left. Luckily it only hit the umbrella, and it caused an amazing reaction among them all!serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-024 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-028serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-029 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-025 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-026 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-027  Serafina seattle wedding ceremony on patio, pumpkins serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-031 Serafina seattle wedding reception details serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-033 Serafina seattle wedding table details serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-035 Serafina seattle wedding reception table details serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-037 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-038 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-039 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-040 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-041 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-042 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-043 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-044 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-045 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-046 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-047 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-048 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-049 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-050 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-051 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-052 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-053 Serafina seattle wedding ceremony on patio serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-055 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-056 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-057 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-058 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-059 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-060 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-061 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-062 serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-063serafina-fall-seattle-wedding-019Some of the amazing vendors who brought this wedding together are A Kurant Event, New Renaissance Cakes, Seattle Wedding DJ, Salon Maison, A Paper Fling, Maxine's Floral, Four Seasons , Vintage Ambiance, , Serafina and Rebecca Ellison Photography.