Oh the holiday season. It's a go go go time for holiday portraits and family portraits and just cause it sounds like fun portraits. Which is a lot of fun because it means I get to go hang out with fun families, play in the park, laugh and run and have an all over good time. Because of the crunch of the holiday shipping/ordering season though, it means I have been a bit neglecting of my blog. But rest assured, that there are tones of great sessions to post in the upcoming weeks... once I catch my breath. To hold you over until you are overwhelmed by posts from me is the G family. We met up last weekend and I had such a great time laughing and running and throwing fall leaves with the kids. These guys are family of one of my favorite families which I got to capture the other week and I was super pleased to find these guys just as fun.

Little Abby, Brennan and Christian were a blast to watch. Christian is the liitle guy and quite the independent one. He's at the age that is happiest as long as he is moving... and moving where he wants to move! So we played in the park and basically followed little Christian to see where he would take us.  These guys are quite a close nit group going on and it'll be fun to watch them grow.

Thanks for playing in the park with me!!!