I've been thinking a bunch lately about the confusion surrounding all the details of wedding photography. I remember when I was getting married back in 2006, and all the details of the wedding that I was inundated with. H'orderves or Buffet? DJ or iPod? Inside venue or outside? Cute shoes or sensible ones? What color napkins? Should the bridesmaids be in identical dresses???

It is ridiculous the amount of tiny little details that you think over when it comes to your wedding, and that doesn't even include all the little decisions to make involving your wedding photographer, which is one of your larger decisions to make. Decisions within decisions, and you don't know half of what they are talking about on their website...

In the past five years of photographing weddings, I have learned all the ins and outs of the details surrounding the photography portion of your wedding day. But it has taken years... and running my own photography business to solidly learn all the details about what a client should know about their photography options when looking to make this decision. These are all things that we will mention when trying to show you why we should be hired over someone else... and by reading this e-book it will give you an understanding of what the heck we are talking about before you have that meeting, and the ability to understand solidly the decision you are making and why!

We go over:

  • budget
  • the thoughts of having your friend with a nice camera photograph your wedding... and why it might not be as good idea as you think
  • a sample time-line for your wedding day, and what your photographer will do in that time,
  • the difference in value between an album and a disc of images
  • great tips for making your pictures better!
  • and more!

Below are the first three pages of the book.

free ebook wedding photography, all the detailsfree ebook wedding photography, all the detailsfree ebook wedding photography, all the details

Why am I giving out this information for free? Because I believe you already have a lot on your plate, and if I can help to make this decision a bit easier... why wouldn't I? And I believe an informed client is a good client! The only thing you have to do for me is subscribe to my email list. Not to bad of a trade huh?

And trust me, it doesn't matter where you live in the world, the info in this book will be valuable to you and your ability to make a decision you can stand behind regarding your photographer!

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