That is what I have to say about yesterday's event! Get Hitched Give Hope has been an AMAZING journey this year, and it feels a little bit surreal that this years event is done and over with. Brides, grooms, vendors, and just ol fashioned givers filled the ballroom at the Four SeasonsĀ  hotel in downtown Seattle last night to raise their bid numbers and bid on their wedding auction items, or just items that they wanted cuz they are such awesome givers...

We packed the ballroom... listened to amazing jazz music... made silly flip books to laugh about later... watched professional dancers do their thing... drank lovely drinks... made new friends... .and granted $53,000 dollars of wishes for ladies and gentleman with stage four breast cancer to help make their last months on Earth a bit more special via the Making Memories Foundation.

I can' t wait to see the professional pictures (from Kim and Adam at LaVie Photography who are rockstars!) from the amazingness of last night! Specifically the look on all our faces when Barbie went up on stage to announce that, not only had we hit our goal of $50,000 but beat it and we are still counting! The room EXPLODED with excitement, and it is bringing tears to my eyes to remember the feeling.

Giving back to your community in such a powerful way is breathtaking!

Thank you thank you thank you.

The wedding and bridal community in this town is out of this world!

I hope to have a more in depth recap soon... but I wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude for such an amazing community while it is bringing tears to my eyes!

Here is a picture (taken with my iPhone... so quality is lacking ) of the ballroom during the live auction!

get hitched give hope

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