Dear Lincoln,

It's amazing what can happen in one year.

I remember this day, one year ago, so vividly. After a long labor, and me past my exhaustion point, I remember you being placed on my chest all new and in shock after going through labor yourself, you showed me how strong of a boy you are by picking your head up off my chest, looking at me in the eyes, and then consciously laying your head back on my chest. I looked over at Pete, still in a state of delirium and said " I don't think he is supposed to be able to do that yet is he?"

That was the first time you surprised me, but it definitely wasn't the last.

I remember holding you in my arms in those first days and just soaking you in. Looking at every inch of your little face, every hair on your head, and every wrinkle in your meaty little hands. We decided you take after Uncle Caleb and his meat mitts.

I remember the first time you broke out in laughter. You were fast asleep in my arms and less than a month old. You had not yet smiled for the first time while awake, but man, that dream you were having must have been something else!

I remember you making the weirdest noises in your cradle at night, making Pete and I bust out laughing when you started "talking" out of no where.

I remember how deeply you looked into people when you look them, and still do. There is an old soul in you. It's like you know what is coming next.

I remember the sweet innocent smiles, that led to hearty laughter whenever we would do strawberries on your tummy.

I remember how good you are with your hands from the very beginning. When most babies would be grasping at something with their whole fists you would delicately pick it up with finger and thumb. Examine it, and then shove it into your mouth.

I remember the determination you had each time you were on the verge of something new, from rolling over to sitting up to walking.

I love how, once you learned to walk, crawling just wouldn't do anymore. If you'd try and walk to something and fall down 2 feet from it, you wouldn't just crawl the rest of the way, you'd get on your knees, then on your feet, then bring your balance up and lift your hands off the ground, just to take the three steps and sit back down again at your final destination.

I remember you babbling and babbling, saying Momma and Dadda. Mostly Dadda still to this day, but I know Momma's are coming down the pike here soon.

I remember your first word other than Momma and Dadda. - Up. You said it with such consuntration. Starting with "uuuuu" and ending with a very distinctive "puuuh". I remember how hard you worked on that word for a day or two until you got it down. Now it's Up Up Up Up Up Up UP.

Everything is UP! You want up? UP. You want down? UP. You want to play? UP. You want to eat? UP. You want a bath? UP.

It brings me to tears of joy just thinking about it.

I love watching you and daddy play. You are so curious to help him in everything. A mans man from the get go.

I love the little bits of our day that we get to spend together all the time, and I LOVE the connection you have with your Grandpa Mark and Grandma Eve.  It started out them coming over to help me be able to work during daytime hours a couple times a week. Now they come because they are addicted to you! They just can't be away from you, and neither can daddy or I!

The look of joy on your face when you hear Grandpa Mark open the front door and say "HeyHeyHey!". You two are so similar! Which makes sense as you share your birthdays as well! Happy 60th Grandpa Mark!

I love how you waddle so excitedly over to the baby gate when Grandma Eve arrives on Thursdays. You hear her voice and you say UPUPUPUPUPUP until she picks you up and you can cuddle. Then of course, you must investigate her jewelry. Grandma and her jewelry.

I love how you headbutt to say I love you. Sometimes you don't realize how hard you do it, but you are always just trying to snuggle.

I love you Lincoln. You have made Pete and my lives so much more complete. And somehow, you make each and every day more amazing.

I love you bug!



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