Last week I had the pleasure of meeting beautiful baby Harper and her parents. Harper is a fragile and beautiful 10 days old or so, and she was such a great subject. I find that being around newborns is even more fun now that I am expecting my own. That much more a marvel that such a little being can be so complete and so solid even though, to our eyes they seem so fragile!

I love this picture of Harper... it looks likes she is trying to share a secret with us!

newborn baby portrait of a girl

sleeping newborn babynewborn portrait- baby buttblack and white portrait of newborn babysleeping portrait of newborn girlnewborn baby portraitnewborn baby buttbaby portrait in seattledad with newborn babydad kissing newborn daughter portrait

I also love this picture of JD with Harper. It's amazing how small she looks in his hands!

dad's hand on newborn baby bellynewborn baby stretches in portraitnewborn baby portrait

I also love how radiant Shanna is with her daughter in her arms. mom holding newborn babyfamily portrait with newborn babymom and dad comforting newborn babyblack and white portrait of newborn baby girl