You might remember little Hayden from our last shoot when he was just a tender one month old! And if you don't remember, than you can find his post here). He was just as adorable then as he is now, but he is definitely more mobile now! I met up with Kelly, Eric and little Hayden last weekend for a fun holiday shoot to mark little Hayden getting bigger. We started out inside on the same ottoman as he was on in the last shoot (but now he takes up quite a bit more room on it) and then headed outside for a unusually beautiful November day on Queen Anne. Hayden was such a trooper even with the wind blowing everywhere!



I love this picture, as he was just stopping crying, and you can still see the tear in his eye. He shortly there after decided not to be scared of my camera, but curious of it instead. Much better!re_091122_0513

And why wouldn't you put a baby in a bird bath? He's totally lounging!re_091122_0545re_091122_0557re_091122_0563re_091122_0572re_091122_0589re_091122_0595re_091122_0603re_091122_0627re_091122_0638re_091122_0640re_091122_0697re_091122_0727

This is when he decided it was just a bit too cold for him. I love the look on his face here though!re_091122_0755re_091122_0792