Diana and Steve are two that make you laugh. It is so fun to watch Diana's face light up whenever Steve cracked a joke, or said something humorously inappropriate. These two have been together for over 15 years, and when I asked them about their engagement story, they said " we just decided why not!" I love the spontaneity of that after soo many years together.

They were married in a small intimate and casual ceremony at the Anthony's Home Port Restaurant near where they live. It was a great celebration of friends, family and laughter.

Steve is a car guy, so he worked for weeks coming up to the wedding to make sure his '75 Chevy Vega was  ready because his lady asked him to. And it made for a great prop in the photos!

Loved the Geezer shirt he was sporting underneath his suit!

I loved the details they sprinkled through their day. Steve is a complete car guy, and Diana is big into quilting, so they had spark plugs, sockets, ribbon and spools decorating all of their tables. And flowers placed into carburetors

Their guest book was fabric that people wrote on that Diana will sow into a quilt for their home.

And Steve surprised Diana while she was walking down the aisle by putting on his ratty Carhartt hat. This hat is a staple item of clothing for Steve, and, going for a laugh like he always does, he snuck it on for a minute during the ceremony. Diana was laughing all the way through!

Congrats Diana and Steve!