It's definitely holiday portrait season here in my world! Lots of fun family shoots the past couple of weeks... and upcoming weeks to get photos out for holiday cards! And the C family is another one of the fun families I got to hang out with and run around in the park. These guys were a bunch of fun. Little Radley was loving running around and playing in the leaves while baby sister Harper hung out with mom and dad. It's hard for a a two month old to do much more at this point, but I am sure come next year little Harper will be running all over the place just like Radley.

The rain held off and Jen, Jun the kids and I got to play in the leaves and run through the park to find a little playground. Radley was adorable singing "hi ho hi ho a pirates life for me" while manning the "pirate ship" . Why are little ones oh so cute??? Thanks for playing in the park with me guys!!