Every year weddings season hits and you see some new ideas and some old. Well, here are some of the hot wedding trends for 2015 that everyone is buzzing about. Will your wedding have any of these hot trends in them? Hot wedding trends for 2015 - wooden farm tablesWooden tables: A new way of giving your reception some flair and forgoing regular round tables in table cloths is to rent beautiful wooden tables and showcase the beauty of the furniture.  A great place to start looking in the Seattle area is SeattleFarmTables.com

hot wedding trends for 2015 - farm to table, fresh picked flowersFresh picked flowers : keep things simple and local. The farm to table trend that started with your food, is also popular with your florals. Choosing florals that are local and seasonal will create a unique ensemble to showcase where and when you were married. Keeping a more natural look to the bouquets vs a more manicured bouquet is also popular. Looks like you just pulled from your garden this morning.

hot wedding trends for 2015 - engagement photos on save the date and invitations

Using your engagement photos: The trend of including some of your engagement photos in your Save the Dates and wedding invitations is coming back as well. Show off a beautiful photo of you both while inviting your family to your wedding.

hot wedding trends for 2015 - floral head piecesHair Pieces : In bridal beauty, not only will we be seeing more off the shoulder dresses, but hair pieces will be big in 2015. Floral bands like the image above, as well as more delicate individual flowers in hair left down.

hot wedding trends for 2015 - signature beer and wineWine/Beer / Liquor with a theme.  Not only are people still loving the signature cocktail, but for those who forgo an open bar, are now choosing to do a theme for their beer and wine. Local winery/breweries only, micro brews, or the couples favorite wine in flights. Bringing personality to the bar, while keeping the costs down by avoiding the liquor.

hot wedding trends for 2015 - food trucksFood trucks : A trend that we've seen for a couple years is still going strong. Bring on the food truck and comfort food. Works especially well at backyard and beach weddings. Many food trucks will caterer a buffet as well. So, if there is  a food truck you love, they may be open for your big day!

What trends are you seeing this year? Add a comment below!

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