engagement photo session in a downtown seattle bookstore

Recently engaged and brimming with excitement to share the news?

Congrats! This is a crazy time in your life where you are going to look back on and be amazed at everything that seemed to be happening all at once.

You’ve probably thought of all the basics so far. What season do you want your wedding in? Indoors or Outdoors? Church or reception hall? Big or small? And of course, your photographer!

But, have you thought much about your engagement session yet?

This is such a fun way to get to know us (photographers) better and get some great shots of you and your honey before the wedding.

A fun trend in the industry is all about making your personalities shine through in your engagement photos.

If you are going to get in front of that camera another time, make it worth it with making the shoot about the two of you and what you love about each other instead of just another portrait session.

How do we do that you ask?

Easy! Talk to us about what you love to do together. Do you love going on bike rides on the weekends? Lets capture you goofing off and riding bikes on Alki during your session.

Are you total foodies and LOVE LOVE LOVE Tom Douglas restaurants and food? Let’s go get lunch at one of his restaurants and capture you being together doing something you love to do.

Did you bond over sailing and get out on your sailboat every chance you have no matter what the weather looks like? Let’s go out on your boat and play on the water.

The more your personalities are infused into the session where you are doing something that you love to do together, you photos will shine because of it.

You will have great shots of you being you, and an experience with us that you treasure. That will help you be even more relaxed for your wedding day (which is what every girl wants right?) .

So, brainstorm before your engagement session and figure out the things you like to do together, places that mean a lot to you or dorky jokes that only the two of you might know but would be endlessly entertaining to you every time you look at the picture. Trust me, there is never a bad idea if it is something that makes you happy together.

The trick is to tell us about it. We can’t brainstorm fun ideas if we don’t know what makes you tick as a couple.

Trust us to want to have a really fun time with you to be able to capture you in your element. And trust me, after having an experience like that with us, you will be so much more relaxed when the portraits time come up on your actual wedding day!