Totally not sure where the past two months went! It went by sooo fast and my little Lincoln is already 8 weeks old today!It's been a crazy adventure and it gets better and better every day.

I am happy to be back in the office getting back into the groove of work and clients and getting very excited to be taking pictures again. This is the longest I have gone in 7 years without taking pictures regularly.... and that includes the two little photo sessions with Linc! One at three days and one at one month. So, needless to say, I am EXCITED to be back and ready to capture all the life, love and all the little things I can get my eyes on!

I plan on doing a series on Linc's growth through his first year. On the 11th I'll be doing his two month session and I plan on doing a little session every month on the 11th with him. That way I can make an album at the end of his first year where we can look at all his changes month after month! If it is a success... I might just offer this as an option to my clients as well! I'll keep you updated :)


And now I can share a couple of the images from the rest of our shoot with the lovely Laurel McConnell when I was still preggers.



And Linc at 0 and 1 month :)



Now I can't wait for my first engagement sessions this weekend! Posts to come soon!