Jamie and Keith live in Hawaii, but were spending a couple days in the Seattle area this past weekend visiting old friends. Jamie used to live in Issaquah and then Seattle while attending UW. While this was Keith's first visit to the Pacific Northwest, Jamie wanted to hit up Issaquah, UW and Gasworks for the Seattle skyline. We started out in Issaquah where there is a park near Front St that is an old train depot. We lucked out in the time line we decided to photograph at the different locations, as when I was leaving Seattle to head to Issaquah, all of Seattle was in a torrential downpour. I breathed deeply and just told myself it would be gone by time we got back to the west side for photos. Amazingly it worked! Issaquah was beautiful, and by the time we made it back (through over an hour of traffic :O )   to UW, the storm had moved to Issaquah! I love when positive thinking works out ! jamie-and-keithre_090507_2865re_090507_2895We talked a bit about their February wedding in Hawaii and how excited they are about it. I was sad to hear they already had a photographer in Hawaii picked out (darn!). Their wedding will be beautiful!

They shared with me their engagement story, and I have to give props to Keith for its inventiveness!

Jamie said they got engaged on Christmas morning. They were opening their presents with each other and were just about done, when Keith told her she had one more present, but she had to help him find it! They looked around, but Jamie didn't see anything else. Keith told her maybe it was by the stocking. She thought that would be weird, because in Hawaii, people don't have fireplaces and usually don't do stockings, so the stockings that they had up were just up for show.... they hadn't used them ever. Much to her surprise, there was a lump at the bottom of her stocking, so she reached in... and found her ring!

re_090507_29171re_090507_2931re_090507_2935re_090507_2952re_090507_2986re_090507_2990re_090507_3027re_090507_3036I love this old Shell station! It isn't a working station anymore, but I love how they keep it looking all prestine. There is even a manaqin in the doorway wearing a uniform and everything. It freaked me out a bit at first as I didn't realize that it was a manaqin! HA!re_090507_3040re_090507_3048re_090507_3083

re_090507_3110I love the staircase in Suzzalo Library at UW!

re_090507_3134re_090507_3161re_090507_3181re_090507_3188re_090507_3218And then we finished off at Gasworks for the sunset and the skyline.


Congrats you two. I hope you have a beautiful life together!