What is there not to love about photographing pregnant woman?? They radiate life and love and makes my job amazing! Katie was no exception. She called me last week looking to take some photos of her and her bump, little baby Keza is due any day. We hurried to schedule a time to shoot and called it a day. Of course, a couple days later, I wake up sick... and I am not one to bring my germs to the house of a very pregnant lady! We decided to reschedule for early the next week, and Katie started giving pep talks to her belly, telling Keza to hang on just until after Tuesday! She can come anytime now, as she listened to her mommy and waited for our session. Thanks Keza!! It was really fun photographing Katie and her hubby Brian. Katie is a girl who loves to laugh, and that works great cuz Brian likes goofing off. It made our session fly by and give us lots of great shots. I can't wait till after Keza is born and I get to photograph her in her first week!

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