On Easter evening,  my friend Michelle and I decided that it had been entirely too long since we had participated in good ol' fashion easter egg decorating... so we pulled out the eggs and the dye and got a  decorating!

This first egg was from when I was baking brownies and when I cracked the egg, the membrane stayed in tact. I have never seen this before! So of course I had to take some pictures. How crazy looking is that ??



Ahh...virgin egg... what to decorate...


I had to catch myself a couple of times to not try and drink the dye in the wine glasses...RE_090412_0888.jpgRE_090412_0897.jpgRE_090412_0903.jpgRE_090412_0905.jpg

I like how the cracked one turned out. I drew with the clear wax over the cracks and this is what it did!

I had totally forgotten how fun this could be!

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