When Linc was born back in April, I decided I was going to do a little mini photo shoot with him on the 11th of every month. I've been good on my goal, photographing him and all his unbelievable cuteness every month, but I have been too busy to go through and blog about it every month like I've been meaning to. Wedding season hit with full steam ahead and all my effort has gone to taking care of Linc during the day and being as present with him as possible watching him turn into such an awesome little dude, to working in the office at night. Usually from 7pm to about 3am. Crazy but true! And then shooting on the weekends and then rinse/repeat and do it all over again.

So needless to say, doing this fun little side project has kept being bumped to the bottom of the to do list, but thankfully I had a second today (while grandpa is in town to watch the little guy!) to go through and get some of these up to show!

Now that I have a minute break in between the crazy crazy crazy reality I call my life, I have a selection of fun pictures from the past three months. It's actually pretty fun to see them side by side and see just how much he has grown in the past three months. What's even crazier is that that is more than half his life and to me it has blown by so fast.

| Three Months |

This shoot was after a pretty tramatic day in Linc's little life. We had just gotten back from shooting a wedding in Hawaii late Sunday night and Monday morning Linc and I were playing in his room when the family dog unexpectedly attacked Linc. To say the least, I was beside myself. I chose not to blog about it for a while because it was such a traumatic experience, but thankfully outside of a puncture wound under his eye (which you can see in the photos) there wasn't any major injuries. The family dog is now not allowed anywhere near where Linc is and everything has worked itself out. Needless to say, dogs won't be near him anytime soon (and the dog that bit him won't ever be around him again sadly)

It has had an interesting way of strengthening the bond with my sister-in-law to be Karine (as it is her dog, and the dog is like her child) because we were able to work through this bad experience with understanding and dignity and finding a way to still remain living with each other (Pete, me and Linc live with my brother Caleb and Karine in a split level house) without issue. It's amazing how you can overcome anything if everyone walks into a situation with an open heart and a openness for understanding the other's point of view. I love those guys!

Wow... that was a long tangent that was just supposed to explain why Linc has a booboo under his eye...

We've been super blessed with the amount of support my parents and Pete's parents have been able to give us especially through my crazy crazy season. My mom has come to help weekly and Pete's dad has been driving 3+ hours every week for the past month and a half to spend time with Linc and give me time to have daylight hours to get some work done. It's been an amazing blessing and the connection Linc has with my mom and with Pete's dad Mark is so much fun to see. They will never be able to tell him no now....

Linc is with Grandpa Mark below and with Great Grandma Ruth (Marks' mom) . Love the family connection!

Pretty sure I've never looked at anything with such awe before...

| Four Months |

Good lord the boy  found his feet. And let me tell you... he didn't let those suckers go for weeks after he realized they followed him everywhere. Oh to be that flexible...

This was when he was just starting to reliably bear weight on his legs and he would stand (with help) for hours if you didn't get tired. The amount of determination in babies is amazing!

| Five Months |

Oh man has the time flown. He now sits up without assistance. Knows whos in the room and is way way way too close to crawling for Mama's comfort! The idea of baby proofing the house just gives me tremors! Especially since I know he's smart enough to get around most things with a little time.

Pete keeps saying he looks like Dennis the Menace... part of me laughs the other part is mentally going OH SH********************T :)

I've got some damn cute men in my life if I may say so myself :)

(as I write this last line the munchkin is just waking up from a nap. Talk about great timing!)