It's a lot easier to stay on top of photographing Linc than it seems for me to stay on top of blogging about it :0)It is amazing the things that fall by the way side, when you got a kid wanting to play peek a boo... sorry about that!

Linc has grown so much, it boggles the mind that he is a short two months from being a year old. I feel like we are on the learning fast track these days as each day is some new amazing thing he has learned. He's been cruising for a good three months and I swear he is days away from walking. We'll see though. We keep trying to trick him, and he's taken a couple steps himself but he always defaults to sit. He's hasn't convinced himself he's ready yet so we all get to wait :)


7 months

Linc tastes dirt for the first time and doesn't know what to think about it...

8 months

Christmas time!

9 months

It's pretty much full speed ahead or dead stop these days...

10 months

My little man!

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