You might remember little Alex from back around May when his parents Leslie and Carl invited me over to capture the little guy at 3 months. You can see the blog post here. Well, they called me up a couple weeks ago because little Alex is now 9 months... and much more mobile! So I came over for another little play date and saw Alex again. He was just a bunch of smiles.... as long as he was moving. I bet after 9 months of not being super mobile, once you realize you can move of your own accord, the idea of sitting still would not be a choice! So little Alex walked all over the place with a little assistance from Leslie and Carl. I can't wait till I see this little guy again when he will be running circles around all of us! Until then,

re_091113_8498re_091113_8510They think he might be teething because his tongue was out in all the photos. So cute!

re_091113_8525re_091113_8527re_091113_8570re_091113_8597re_091113_8641re_091113_8668b1re_091113_8710re_091113_8738re_091113_8747re_091113_8756-copyre_091113_8803re_091113_8806Sneak attack on daddy's nose...